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How do you lose a real estate license?

In real estate, it is important to have a real estate license. Not having a license could mean that you're unable to sell homes for others or help buyers find a property. Without a license, you lose your opportunity to have an income.

Fortunately, a good defense can go a long way toward protecting your license. If you are threatened with losing your license, you need to have someone on your side who will defend your rights and help give you the second chance you deserve.

How do you lose your real estate license?

There are several ways to lose your real estate license. These include misrepresenting yourself or a property, acting for more than one party in the same deal, making secret profits while acting as a broker and others.

It is also possible to lose a license if you persuade someone to break a contract for your own personal gain or if you mix your own personal money with escrow funds. Discrimination and failing to give the buyer and seller copies of the Purchase and Sale agreement are all different reasons you could lose your license.

Essentially, doing anything that could harm the seller or buyer is a negative act that could hurt your right to keep your license. On top of this, other criminal activities you may participate in could threaten your license, since the Board of Realtors may believe that your ethics are not up to the standards required.

Your attorney will do all they can to protect your license and livelihood. Everyone makes mistakes, and you deserve to have a chance to correct yours.

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