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Selecting a Professional Licensing Defense Attorney

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2017 | Professional License Defense |

An investigator from a licensing board just contacted you or you have just been served with an Accusation. You decide to consult with an Attorney to discuss your options.

Whether you are a Pharmacist, Physician, Registered Nurse, or any other licensed medical professional, it is essential that you understand the following if you need an Attorney to represent you:

  1. Select an Attorney with Professional Licensing Defense experience. This is the most important part of selecting the right attorney. A criminal defense or civil attorney may not have the experience and knowledge to handle an administrative law case. Licensing cases are administrative law matters. How many years of experience does the attorney have. What percentage of the attorney’s practice is in professional licensing defense/administrative law.
  2. Make sure attorney has handled cases like yours and has represented others licensed professionals like you. Ask specific questions. How many cases have they taken to hearing, how many have they settled. Have they represented individuals from the initial investigation through a formal Accusation. Make sure the attorney has handled your type of case with success.
  3. What is the attorney’s knowledge of the Board’s disciplinary guidelines, what the Board’s investigator is looking for, the Administrative Law Judge who may hear your case, and what is the probable outcome. Does the Attorney have a good reputation with opposing counsel. As your legal representative, the Attorney’s credibility and reputation can be an asset for you.
  4. What do prior Client’s think about the Attorney. Are there credible reviews and testimonials that you can review.
  5. How responsive is the Attorney to your questions. Does the Attorney appear to be knowledgeable to your issues.

6. How much will the Attorney charge you? Will the Attorney charge you by the hour and you are paying upwards of $300-$500 an hour or does the Attorney charge a reasonable flat fee. What is the scope of the representation.

  1. Did the Attorney understand your case and asked you the right questions.

At the Law Office of Paul Chan, you will be speaking with an Attorney who practices exclusively in the professional licensing defense. Mr. Chan has been a practicing attorney for over 20 years with a verified record of success. Mr. Chan charges a reasonable flat fee so his client’s will know what the legal fees are upfront. You can read his reviews and testimonials from his past clients.

When selecting an Attorney, selecting the right Attorney can make a big difference for your case.

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