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Recent Case Results

In the last 12 months, Kravitz & Chan has represented several registered nurses who was expecting the worst after being arrested, charged and convicted for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Nurse A had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .20 and Nurse B had a .16 BAC. Nurse C had a .17 BAC and drove her vehicle into a roadway ditch. In all three cases, the BAC was over twice the legal limit of .08. All three nurses had no other criminal history and all three were expecting that an Accusation would be filed by the Board of Registered Nursing. In addition to the expense of defending themselves from an Accusation, they were also concerned about being placed on probation with the BRN. With our representation, all three nurses were able to resolve their matters with the BRN for a Citation.

Physician denied a license with the Medical Board of California due to allegations of incompetence and issues with the disclosures on his application. After retaining us to represent him, we proceeded to a contested hearing. The Administrative Law Judge found that there were no legal cause to deny the application and that the license should be granted without restrictions or limitations.

Registered Nurse was accused of Gross Negligence, Incompetence, and Unprofessional Conduct for her care of a patient which allegedly resulted in the death of the patient. We were able to dispute the allegations and prove that the Nurse acted within the proper standard of care at all times. Subsequently, the Accusation was withdrawn by the Board of Registered Nursing.

Pharmacist Technician retained us to represent her on allegations of Narcotic Diversion. We were able to prove that our client acted within the scope of her employment at all times and that she was not responsible for the missing drugs. The Board offered probation and we rejected the offer and were prepared to proceed to hearing. A week before the hearing, the Board of Pharmacy withdrew the Accusation against our client.

Registered Nurse retained us to represent her in an Accusation accusing her of Gross Negligence and Incompetence due to conduct that she engaged in which resulted in the death of a patient. We were able to prove that the facility did not provide proper training and that there was a lack of procedure in place at the time of the incident. The Board was willing to settle the case for probation.