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California Liquor Board Defense Attorney

Whether you seek an Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) liquor license, have been accused of a liquor license violation or are under investigation by the Alcoholic Beverage Control administrative licensing board, Sacramento lawyers Jeffrey S. Kravitz and Paul Chan of Kravitz & Chan can help you resolve your difficulty.

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California Liquor License Defense Lawyer

Kravitz & Chan has a thorough and deep understanding of ABC liquor license law and administrative law in all of its idiosyncrasies. We have won ABC hearings for our clients. We are experienced in helping nightclub, restaurant, hip-hop club and other licensed business owners, as well as other professionals and business owners, overcome challenges to their right to a livelihood. We have helped bar, restaurant and nightclub owners obtain ABC liquor licenses throughout Sacramento and the state of California. We have also helped store owners gain the right to sell lottery tickets on their premises.

Gain an understanding of the administrative license defense process by reviewing the administrative license defense chart detailing the defense process step by step.

We understand the potential complexity of issues at play when it comes to liquor licenses — prejudice, neighborhood issues, noise concerns, history of the specific location in question and more. What this firm has found most important in helping our clients achieve successful outcomes is that they follow the guidance of an attorney who has extensive understanding of ABC licensing matters and a proven track record of success. Do not think that by appearing before the board and explaining your situation, everything will be OK. In fact, when people appear before boards without knowledgeable counsel, they often make their situation worse. Don’t panic; call Kravitz & Chan.

Stop Revocation Of Your ABC Liquor License

Sales to minors, noise violations, hours of operation violations and alcohol outside the premises can all trigger an effort by liquor license authorities to revoke your club’s liquor license. We can help administrative law authorities understand that you made every good faith effort to correct the problem once you learned of the violation.

We will review all documentation relating to the allegations against you and prepare a defense that will present a strong case to prevent the revocation of your liquor license.

We have extensive trial experience and are known throughout the legal community for our work in the area of appellate law. These qualities can only aid your case.

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To learn how we can help you resolve a sensitive legal matter and protect your rights at every stage of your case, please schedule your confidential appointment with our Sacramento liquor license defense law firm today: 800-248-5787 or email us.