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Fighting for a career through doctor license defense

Doctors have the right to fight for their career when they face allegations of any type of wrongdoing. It is often possible to fight back with a strong doctor license defense, therefore protecting one's career. One California medical practitioner recently decided to surrender his medical license after he was accused of inappropriately handling prescriptions of controlled substances. 

The California State Medical Board released a statement about the doctor, saying that he was facing accusations of unprofessional conduct, negligent care of patients and inappropriate prescription of controlled substances. Specifically, the doctor allegedly prescribed certain types of medication to patients either excessively or without a proper examination. He did not admit to the charges, but he did agree to surrender his medical license. Apparently, he did admit to some of the facts related to the charges.

Alleged strange behavior could put your license at risk

Medical doctors have to uphold specific standards and offer patients a certain standard of care. When doctors and other types of medical care providers do certain things that may compromise the care they provide patients, they could face the suspension or revocation of their medical license. This can end a California doctor's career, ruin his or her reputation, and limit the right to practice independently.

There are strict standards in place for the benefit and protection of patients. However, some doctors can face issues with their license over things like false accusations, misunderstandings and more. One doctor in another state is currently fighting for his career due to behavior deemed unusual. He is adamant that these accusations are unfair, and his unfortunate situation provides valuable insight regarding how you can protect your own medical career. 

Alleged behavior and the need for doctor license defense

The behavior, medical decisions and even bedside manner of California doctors is open for scrutiny and critique. One unhappy patient can make allegations that can affect a doctor's reputation and, ultimately, his or her right to practice. Any practitioner who is facing accusations or dealing with any threat to his or her license has every right to consider their doctor license defense needs.

A doctor in another state is facing the suspension of his license for two years, and he will be on probation for four years. All of this happened because people expressed concerns about what some are calling paranoid behavior. During his period of probation, he will not be able to practice alone. Before making this determination, the state licensing board required him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Getting an adverse licensing decision reversed in California

If your professional licensing agency has issued an adverse decision against you, you are probably worried the career you worked so hard to establish is ruined. The good news is that you may be able to get the decision reversed and save your career before too much damage is done.

It is often possible to file a writ or appeal to ask the court to reverse the professional licensing agency’s decision to suspend or revoke your professional license. However, you only have a limited amount of time to file a writ or appeal after the decision is made, so it is important to act quickly and with the proper assistance.

Contractors caught in CSLB sting now risk losing their licenses

Possibly, when you started working as a contractor, you just wanted to make the ends meet. But as you kept at it, you gained a reputation for quality. The demand for your work grew, and you realized you could expand. Hiring other people could allow you to take on larger and more lucrative work—but if you don’t fill out all the licensing paperwork along the way, you might be putting your license at risk.

This might be the situation in which nine different California contractors now find themselves after they got caught in an undercover sting run by the Contractors State License Board (CSLB).

California pediatrician would benefit from doctor license defense

Some recent allegations against a California pediatrician has prompted both the local police and the Medical Board of California to launch an investigation. Recently, the doctor was accused of using improper medical practices that includes inappropriately touching a child. No charges have been filed, but this doctor would be wise to start working on his doctor license defense strategy.

The doctor said that he was unaware of an investigation into his actions, and he is currently still seeing patients. He defends himself by stating that he does not employ any medical practices that are not normal and appropriate for pediatricians. He has faced allegations in the past, but he never faced charges for those. He has been practicing for many years, and he has the support of many of his long-time patients and parents.

Does telemedicine increase need for doctor license defense?

Technology has changed many things, and the medical field is no different. Many patients are now looking for assistance with simple medical problems online, which has caused more people to turn to telemedicine for certain problems. However, some California doctors may have concerns about the issue of liability in this type of medical care and whether it could increase the need for doctor license defense. 

Direct-to-consumer medicine is increasing in popularity, but what happens if there is a problem? Can a doctor helping a patient online, through chats or video conferencing, be liable for issues such as misdiagnosis? A recent study that looked at medical malpractice cases filed in just one month in 2018 found that of the 551 cases, zero were related to telemedicine.

Can a DUI affect your license in the health care profession?

As a medical professional, you undoubtedly take your role very seriously. The lives and wellbeing of patients are in your hands each day. You would never treat a patient if you knew you were impaired, and you would not take chances at work if it meant jeopardizing your physician or nursing license.

However, are you aware that your personal life can also affect your ability to work in the medical field? Even when you are off duty, the California board that governs your profession has a strict code of conduct you must follow. While you may never work under the influence, you may face disciplinary action for a DUI on your day off.

Vaccination exemptions and doctor license defense in California

Vaccination requirements are a hot topic of conversation for California parents, schools, medical professionals and others. There is a new bill under consideration by state lawmakers that could bring some clarification to the issue. If passed, doctors could face increased scrutiny for allowing vaccination exemptions, which may lead to situations in which physicals may find it necessary to develop a doctor license defense.

California has one of the toughest vaccination records in the country. Children must be up-to-date on all vaccinations in order to attend public school. However, doctors may approve an exemption to this requirement on the basis of medical reasons. With the number of children with exemptions growing, some have concerns about how doctors are justifying them. If the proposed bill passes, all vaccination exemptions would be subject to review by the state health department.

Suspension results in need for strong doctor license defense

California patients have the right to medical care that meets a certain standard, and when a doctor fails in his or her duty, the patient has the right to pursue legal action. In some cases, inappropriate conduct or improper medical care can lead to a suspension of a doctor's license. However, medical professionals have the right to defend themselves and present a strong doctor license defense to protect their careers.

A recent case in which a doctor is facing a suspension of his medical license underlines the importance of an effective defense. In this situation, the doctor is facing accusations that include an inappropriate sexual relationship with a patient, not keeping accurate patient records, improper prescriptions and more. A medical review board determined that he was a danger to patients' well-being when ruling on his license suspension.

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