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How a small complaint ruins a contractor's career

Contractors rely on professional licenses to establish their credibility. It takes a significant amount of experience and time to earn a license, so it's disheartening to see it all go away with one small complaint.

Complaints are hazards for most contractors and their businesses due to the severity of filing a complaint to the licensing board in California. But how does the complaint process work?

Managing difficult patients without putting your license at risk

You are going to encounter difficult, demanding patients from time to time in your career as a nurse, so you might as well have a plan for how you are going to handle it. Not having a plan could lead to a rash reaction -- the kind that could put your license at risk due to an ethics complaint.

Criminal records and California real estate broker's licenses

A criminal record of any kind could potentially destroy your career as a real estate broker in California. Just as in many other states, the licensing authority is concerned about maintaining a high level of professional integrity among its ranks.

Medical board is now taking note of warning letters to physicians

Investigators with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and MedPage Today had a question. They wanted to know what happens after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sends out warning letters to doctors regarding some pretty grievous issues.

The Nurse Licensure Compact: Not a reality for California

Are you a nurse (or student nurse) who dreams of working and traveling? If so, you need to understand the complicated process of obtaining a license to practice in more than one state -- and what it may take to maintain it.

The Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) was developed in 2000 in order to allow nurses to relocate easily and engage in telehealth sessions with patients. It was a quick way to encourage the available workforce of nurses to relocate to areas that were suffering a nursing shortage. Nurses licensed in a state that participates in the NLC are able to legally practice in any of the other 29 states who are part of the agreement.

Informed consent: What every medical professional should remember

A patient's informed consent to treatment isn't just a legal formality that has to be gotten out of the way as quickly as possible. It's an important process and very much part of every medical professional's ethical obligation toward their patients.

How can you make sure that you live up to those ethical obligations with your own patients? Follow these guidelines regarding consent:

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