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Using social media without risking your real estate license

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2024 | Real Estate License Defense |

Today, most people begin their search for a new home online. As a real estate agent, you’d want to maximize any platforms that can increase exposure for your listings and business. However, you must be cautious about what you post. Content that does not align with industry standards could put your career at risk.

Is your social media post up to code?

Though social media seems like an informal platform, maintaining professionalism in every online interaction is key to safeguarding your reputation.

When in doubt about a post, you can refer to the industry Code of Ethics as a guide. Consider these standard questions to ensure your professional online persona remains ethical:

  • Is it free from false or misleading marketing? Misrepresenting a property by providing vague details, exaggerating its features or editing photos to conceal flaws could constitute false representation.
  • Does it talk about another agent? Venting about another real estate agent could be considered unethical. The code states that knowingly or recklessly making false or deceptive claims about other real estate professionals is a violation.
  • Does it contain another agent’s listing? Without consent, it is wise to avoid posting about another agent’s listing. This can happen when agents visit an open house and share the experience online, which misleads clients into believing that the poster owns the listing.
  • Have you clearly identified yourself in the post? When you use a personal account, it’s simple to forget the rules. When posting promotional materials, stick to your business page (where your real estate agent status should be clearly displayed).

Can you lose your professional license due to a social media post?

Social media can increase your visibility and attract potential clients. Having said that, your online persona mirrors your level of professionalism.

Reckless posts that violate the Code of Ethics could result in disciplinary action. Although a single infraction may not immediately result in the suspension of your real estate license, a history of violations could raise a red flag.

Don’t be afraid to embrace social media for its marketing advantages but be as careful online as you are in your workplace.

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