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Client Testimonials

The best law office hands downs. I had a tough case when my license to practice was revoked; Jeff Kravitz was amazing in his profession; his expertise in this area got my license reinstated Wow!!! He was there for me and for a career I adore. If you need some help I highly recommend Kravitz Law Firm.

Julie E.

Cambridge, MA

If you need a true, fair, knowledgeable and vigorous lawyer who has your best interest then talk to Paul Chan. He understands the CA BRN regulations like nothing, well respected by the prosecutors. I would use him again or recommend him to anybody that needs fair representation. He won my case just like that. Thanks, Paul.

Phil Abongo

I cannot thank attorney Kravitz enough for resolving my issue with my nursing license. After three grueling years of waiting he was able to obtain positive results, which did not affect my ability to practice confidently. I would highly recommend him to any RN who is or will be facing disciplinary actions from the Board of Registered Nursing. I would not recommend any RN to represent themselves at any Board hearing or meeting without retaining legal representation. I highly recommend Kravitz Law Firm!


San Jose

As the manager of a pharmacy where the theft of large amounts of highly abused drugs (by nonlicensed personnel) occurred, I was facing severe legal action/discipline against my personal license to practice and therefore work to support my family. After consulting with four attorneys regarding my case, I chose Paul Chan because of his high level of professionalism and his confidence to successfully represent me. Paul assured and guided me through every step and nuance of the process, which lasted about 16 months. Paul successfully argued my case in front of an Administrative Law Judge at a hearing that lasted a very tough (for me) 1 1/2 days. Even though the judge’s proposed decision of public reproval would be the best outcome possible, Paul gave me a realistic expectation/concern, because of aggravating factors, regarding the final decision/outcome from the licensing board. I was expecting the worst, but Paul has the best-written argument skills that any attorney can have. He used these skills successfully, which resulted in the board’s acceptance of the judge’s decision. Paul Chan’s success is evidenced by many years of experiences in defending professional licenses when faced with legal action/discipline. He answered all of my questions and concerns personally and very quickly. His fees are reasonable. I found his office easy to find, and staff very friendly and accommodating. Call Paul Chan now…he will call back personally!

D.S, Pharm.D.

Hiring Mr. Chan was the best decision I’ve ever made. I was confident he would try his best to get me back to work. I am forever grateful to him and his office. I had a very good experience working with him. He was knowledgeable in policy and procedures for the Dept. I am currently employed for. Thank you, Paul, for a job well done. I will be sure to recommend his office to anyone in need.

Pearl B.

I was originally working with an attorney who wanted me to give up and concede. I am so glad I decided to change attorneys and go with Paul. I had heard through several people that Paul was the best. He has the most experience with the BRN and the skills to fight for your case the right way. He was professional but personal. I know he believed in me and my case and it showed in his work. We got the best outcome for my case, (a license without restrictions, which I thought was near impossible at this point) and I could not be happier! He was also very easy to work with in terms of payments and his rates were reasonable. I would recommend to anyone needing help with licensing.

Leslie H. RN.

I’ve been a client of Jeff’s for going on 10 years. He is, without a doubt, one of the best lawyers in California.

He is pragmatic and plainspoken, and if you don’t like honesty and a realistic assessment of your situation, go elsewhere!

No, he’s not cheap. And yes, you may not like what he has to say. But he always has a reason for saying it because he looks out for his clients. He has done things for me that other attorneys were never able to accomplish.

He is a bulldog, and able to handle complex cases. I have brought him long, drawn-out cases that he was able to analyze and settle in MY best interests.

His reputation and history speak for themselves. Ask anyone in Sacramento or NorCal and they will tell you if you need a defense or a license defense, he’s the one.

The O.

Sacramento, CA

Mr. Kravitz has represented me on a complex and long case. He has performed remarkably. We started as a major underdog, his skill regarding strategy and the execution thereof was nothing short of brilliant. Also, Mr. Kravitz has positive relationships with the decision makers at the licensing agencies. I could not be more pleased with his work and consequent results…

Kirk G.

Napa, CA

I was a new grad nurse who was denied my initial license application due to eight-year-old misdemeanor convictions involving alcohol. The period of time after the denial was one of the most uncertain and anxiety-ridden times of my life. I came to Paul hoping there was a way he could help me avoid a probational license. From the very first time we talked, Paul was straightforward, honest and professional. His knowledge of the process and his ability to explain it really helped me feel better about everything. I told him that since I was arrested I had tried as hard as I could to learn from my mistakes and had made big changes in my life to ensure that I would never make those mistakes again. He told me he would do everything that he could to help me show that to the BRN. Paul’s expertise in presenting my case to the board is the biggest reason I received an unrestricted license. The money spent on Paul was the best money I’ve ever spent in my life. Thank you, Paul.

Peter L.

I was embroiled in a legal nightmare for almost seven years. Having rung up hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees with other attorneys who did nothing more than take my money and compound the issues against me, I was all but hopeless.

I was referred to Mr. Kravitz in December of 2016 and he was able to resolve my issues in just a few short months. If that’s not impressive enough, he did this for the exact dollar amount he quoted.

No games… no empty promises. He did exactly what he said he was going to do and he did it for the price he stated.

Brent J.

El Dorado Hills, CA

Paul Chan saved my career and kept my nursing license. I was already on probation when I had a probation violation. I was in fear of losing my RN license for good. Thankfully my nurse group gave me his name and I quickly contacted his office. He assured me and gave me hope that my career could be saved. I knew I could count on him as he has had years of experience in dealing with the BRN and has had a great rapport with them. The BRN did, in fact, go after my license and Paul fought for me. I did not even have to go to a hearing; he was able to keep my probation with a settlement! I am forever in debt to him. He knows what he is doing; the hardest part is waiting on the board, but Paul will fight for you all the way! Thank you so much!!!


I cannot say enough how much I appreciate Paul Chan. When I needed someone with the expertise and integrity to fight for me to maintain my license without restrictions he was the professional to do it. I was at my most vulnerable, unemployed and being investigated for gross negligence. I knew the charges were wrong but I first needed to find someone who could fight for me. Paul Chan, a great communicator, the consummate professional and quite ethical, was that person. I recommend him to anyone who has a complaint against their license.

E. Kunde, RN.

Jeff Kravitz helped my business in a complex issue concerning my business license. I’ve been in business for many years and used other attorneys. Kravitz gets the job done quickly and correctly and the price is right. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a sharp lawyer to defend them in any regulatory case.

Dimitri D.

Elk Grove, CA

Paul Chan instilled the upmost confidence and professionalism in handling our accusation against the Board of Nursing. His experience and knowledge resulted in the best possible outcome in our case without revocation, suspension or probation of license nor the additional costs associated with a hearing. I would highly recommend Paul Chan to any professional faced with a licensing issue.

Kelly B. RN.

I am incredibly thankful that I found Paul Chan. In a very stressful time, Paul clarified things for me and was very understanding. After being denied licensure for a violation that had been dismissed years prior, I knew it wasn’t right and that I needed to find an attorney. After speaking with several, I decided to go with Paul Chan. He was straightforward, honest and very knowledgeable from the first phone call to the end in which I got my license! His services are at a very fair price, and there were never any hidden fees or surprises in cost. I really appreciated his honesty and the way he made the process simple. In a stressful time, when your whole career is on the line, Paul Chan is the attorney you need. I’ve already referred a friend to him.

Kimberly SJ., LVN.

I was very fortunate to find Paul Chan. He was very supportive and extremely professional. Mr. Chan is an expert and knew exactly what to do to get me the best outcome. I would recommend Paul Chan to my friends and family. Thank you, Paul.

Melissa H., RN

It can be a simple audit from the Board of Pharmacy that led to an accusation. I had mixed emotions when I received a certified letter from the Office of the Attorney General. I was scared, frustrated and discouraged. I was very happy when I found Paul Chan online. I was desperate for legal advice. Every lawyer that I contacted would not give any legal advice unless there was a retainer fee. Paul Chan gave me a free consultation. He charged me a reasonable flat fee, which made me comfortable. He was there for me from the beginning of the accusation to the end of the settlement hearing. He was not only my attorney but also a friend during the hardest time of my life. Paul Chan saved my license at the settlement hearing. I am forever grateful to him for putting the nightmare behind and the start of a new beginning.

Jordan P, Pharm.D.

I hired Jeff Kravitz to handle my issues with the California Department of Insurance. We were under severe time constraints. He was able to file all documents and petitions necessary for me to obtain a court date and ultimately a reversal of my suspension.


I hired Jeff to defend my nursing license in CA. The totally unsubstantiated case that the CA BON did not fully investigate. Jeff wanted me to have my day in court, but I couldn’t risk the fact that the CA BON can overrule the judge’s decision. He got me the best results I could hope for considering the monster I was up against. Letter of reprimand was the result. He is thorough, passionate, and well versed in the law. Would not hesitate to hire him again and/or recommend him to anyone.


If anyone had ever been through the process of dealing with the BRN it can be a very stressful, lengthy, and emotional roller coaster. I had no idea where to begin when I received my notification about the BRN investigating a matter. I did some research and went with an attorney who had a great reputation. After spending $8,000 and an only handful of meetings with zero action, I was staring at a bill for another $11,000, with no end in sight for the amount of money this lawyer was trying to get out of me, and the sense that he didn’t know what he was doing with the amount of ” research and review” that I was being billed for, I had to change representation.

I did my research once again and found Paul Chan, after a quick phone conversation, I was confident that he knew what he was doing. We set up a free consultation and I left that meeting with a new found confidence and a fresh outlook. I retained Paul and things moved very quickly once he was on board with my case.

Paul Chan is great at what he does and I would recommend him to anyone being faced with accusations and charges from their Board. Paul is honest, hardworking, and fair. He understands the process as well as has established relationships with the attorneys and people that make up the BRN. Thank you, Paul Chan, you really are a guardian angel for nurses.


Tami M. RN

I am so thankful for your expertise/ knowledge that you have demonstrated throughout my journey to keep my license as a professional registered nurse. I truly appreciate your professionalism and effort that I have respected from the first visit throughout my time with you.


Debra J. RN

I hired Paul at a time when I was scared and did not know what to do to save my career as an RN. He was kind with clear answers and reassurance. He guided me in how to obtain reference letters to provide a strong mitigation case. His flat fee was very reasonable. He knows the law. Because of his legal experience and relationship with the BRN (Board of Registered Nursing), he was able to negotiate a public reproval and avoid a court hearing and probation. I am so grateful and relieved. I would definitely recommend him.

Cindy O., RN

I have been a registered nurse for many years in the State of California. Due to a horrible lapse in judgment, I was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, battery and resisting arrest. Terrified at the prospect of the criminal charges and what the Board of Registered Nursing will do, I contacted Kravitz & Chan, LLP. Mr. Chan immediately put me at ease and assured me that he would do his best to represent me. I saw firsthand how he was able to negotiate the criminal charges to minimize the impact on my license. After we resolved the criminal matter, he continued to guide me and help prepare my defense to the Board of Registered Nursing. I am happy to say that Mr. Chan was successful in arguing my case to the Board of Registered Nursing. Not only will I keep my RN license, but my RN license is not subject to the BRN’s probation program as well. I know we were only able to obtain this great result due to Mr. Chan’s effort, knowledge and experience. I strongly recommend Mr. Chan to any licensed professional who may be facing discipline from their respective board.

Yuliya P., RN

I have had the best experience with Paul. My situation seemed extremely hopeless to me. He talked me through everything, clearly explained what he needed and what I had to do, and he took care of the rest. He really knows his stuff and has a lot of experience. It shows in his confidence and work ethic. He made me feel so comfortable and took a lot of weight off my shoulders because I had no idea how to handle my situation. Today, I am a proud registered nurse in California working in labor and delivery. I feel like I owe a lot to Paul for helping me. Thank you.

Emma W., RN

Paul did an excellent job on my case. I first asked him for assistance when the California Medical Board stated that I needed to be placed on probation for several years and perform other remediation activities. I was highly concerned about the Board’s accusations and did not know how to proceed. During the initial consultation, Paul gave me excellent advice and informed me of what options I had. During the administrative process, he fought the Board relentlessly in court and defended me against their accusations. In the end, he convinced the judges and Board that probation was not warranted. The court ruled in my favor and the Board was convinced that I did not have to spend any time on probation at all. In addition, Paul convinced the Board not to require me to perform any remediation activities. Thanks to Paul, I am a fully-licensed physician in the state of California.

Andy A., M.D.

Paul Chan represented me in a very complicated case with the Board of Registered Nursing. Paul was very professional and knowledgeable about the topic and handled the case with very little effort on my part.

He dealt with the issues in a timely manner and informed me of my rights and provided good insight and recommendations to improve my chances of winning the case. I am very pleased with the outcome and would recommend Paul to any nurse who is in a legal situation.

Stephen R., RN

Obtaining you as my attorney saved my career. Many thanks.

Tony L.

Thank you so much for reassuring us that everything is fine. We appreciate the outstanding outcome you were able to accomplish in my daughter’s case! You kept in close contact, providing updates throughout the process. She is so excited to put this behind her and begin a new career as a nurse. I personally want to add my gratitude to you. Your responses to my emails were wonderful.

Barbara V.

After having experienced a very long and unbalanced legal matter, I swore I would never trust another lawyer again. That decision led to a series of unfortunate events that remains a scar on my professional licensure.

Once I started consulting with Paul Chan, my life and hope began to turn around. Paul is not only knowledgeable about the laws in regard to licensure, but he is also a man of integrity. He really hears the concerns of his clients. He is definitely a man I trust and I will continue to recommend him to anyone who needs legal help.

Lisa D., RN

Thanks a lot for keeping me from going to the court and giving me a chance to continue working as a nurse. I never forget what you had done so hard to keep my wish came true. I remember when I first met you, I told you my objective, ” Please save my license.” Well, you DID it!

Helen P., RN

Paul Chan made my day. I am very happy with the resolution. I cannot thank him enough for all his help and efforts negotiating with the board.


I completed a Licensed Vocational Nursing program in October 2007. After completing the last class on October 31, 2007, a few classmates and I went out to have a few drinks. I made the worst decision in my life. I was drinking and decided to drive home. I ended up getting into an accident. I was charged with a Felony DUI and was sentenced to two years in prison. I finally heard back from the nursing board stating that they denied me my license but I could appeal and apply for a hearing.

I was so confused and did not know how to go about things. I was referred to attorney Paul Chan by a nursing support group facilitator who asked me to call him and find out what he says. The first time that I called Mr. Paul Chan I told him my story and told him about the letter from the Nursing Board. Attorney Paul Chan was very compassionate and understanding. He did not judge me in any way. He also knew exactly what everything meant and what to do. Mr. Paul Chan relieved so much stress at that time in my life. He advised me what measures to take and I followed them step by step. I did what he asked and then he did what he needed to do to get me my license. I recently received an agreement stating that the Nursing Board would allow me to get me my license as long as I follow a few simple rules. I am so grateful that attorney Paul Chan took his time to help me out the way he did.

Johanna M., LVN

I was referred to Paul Chan by my brother initially and I’ve actually used his services three different times, once in 2007, 2008 and recently in 2010. I am very happy with the results that I got with Paul. He fought aggressively for me in court and he treated me with respect and really cared about what happened in my case. I appreciated his total honesty about what the outcome of my case would be. I was satisfied that I got the best results possible. I have since referred my friends, neighbor and co-workers to him and they, too, have had as much success as I have. I will continue to refer his services to anyone who needs great legal representation.

Sherry S.

I would like to express my gratitude for Paul Chan in helping me resolve my situation, which was very stressful. It was the best decision I made to have his office represent me and help me understand my options and what was best for my case. I would recommend his office to anyone needing legal services. Thanks again.

Virginia R.

I’m an Advanced Practice Nurse in Northern California who developed a problem with drugs and alcohol. I was arrested and charged. I completely panicked about not only criminal but also license and employment consequences. I was referred to Paul Chan who to my surprise knew everything about BRN Diversion, legal, licensing and labor law. He completely put me at ease at a time when I felt life was spinning out of control. Paul’s knowledge and experience helped me feel that I was not alone in my situation. Paul brought personal insight to my questions. He showed enthusiasm and confidence that immediately made me feel safe in his hands. Paul is truly amazing. He has made himself personally available by cellphone. On multiple occasions, I have called him in the evening or on the weekends and he always answers my calls. His availability has saved me from having sleepless nights when issues or concerns came up during off hours. I consider Paul a friend who I trust explicitly.

Jennifer P. RN.

As an educated professional, I found myself in an unfortunate legal situation that was completely overwhelming. Paul Chan was recommended to me by a colleague of mine who had gone through a similar circumstance. The moment I first spoke to Paul, he was very understanding, compassionate and nonjudgmental. Though I feared the worst, Paul immediately met with me personally and discussed all of my options. Paul explained what to expect each step of the way and kept in touch with me diligently. Paul is very professional, prompt and exceptionally intelligent about the legal system. I would not have felt as comfortable or confident with anybody else handling my case because he took the time to listen wholeheartedly and really got to know me. Paul fought hard for me; I gained my confidence back and finally felt worthy again. I would highly recommend Paul Chan to friends, family and anyone faced with legal issues.


Kristi M. RN

When I walked into Paul Chan’s office I placed with him a legal nightmare at the eleventh hour. I was involved in a very complicated civil case and all I wanted was to defend the truth and my integrity. My former attorney, who had handled my legal case, was inept and drained my finances. The trial was approaching rapidly and my financial future was at stake.

Paul Chan calmed my fears almost immediately. Paul stated ” let me do my homework.” Paul had total confidence right from the beginning that we could win based on the facts and the evidence.

It was amazing to see Paul in action… for every door that was shut in front of me… Paul opened another… Paul earned my total respect and that of the court. Against all odds, we won!!! Throughout my legal nightmare, Paul Chan stood his ground, delivering himself with total honesty, integrity, compassion, legal expertise and outstanding articulation. Paul kept me well informed throughout the entire ordeal and always acted in my best interest.


Eileen N.

I was fortunate enough to retain Paul Chan for a felony case. Mr. Chan was a blessing during some of my darkest days, and hiring him was one of the best decisions of my life. He has the expertise, brilliance and knowledge to handle any criminal case. My case was handled efficiently and with optimal results — all charges dismissed. I have the utmost confidence in Mr. Paul Chan regarding legal representation and I highly recommend his services.

Thank you, Paul, for saving my career and my life.

Shannon B.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and your staff. You have done an outstanding job with your open communication and persistence in this case.
My husband and I are certainly happy that we had you representing me in this difficult situation. It has been a pleasure being your client.

Stephanie L.

I hired Kravitz & Chan, LLP, to help me with an appeal with the State Personnel Board. I was dismissed from my employment with the state after many years of service and I had a lot of questions and concerns. Paul was well-prepared and answered all my questions. At the hearing, Paul got my job back. I am very grateful for his representation and I highly recommend his services.

Leonard C.

I was fortunate enough to have hired Mr. Chan. I don’t know much about court proceedings, but Mr. Chan made sure I was well-prepared for my case. He was very thorough and concise when presenting evidence to the judge. I am confident that Mr. Chan did an excellent job handling my case and I recently received a letter of determination from the court by stating that the ruling was in my favor. I was pleased with how Mr. Chan handled my case and would not hesitate to recommend him as an attorney.

Debra K.

Jeff recently defended our business during settlement negotiations. Own owner was very pleased that he was able to get everything we wanted from the other side, and at the price, he quoted us.