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Medical License Defense

California Medical License Defense Lawyer

Are you being investigated by the Medical Board of California? Is your medical license in jeopardy? After all the time, effort and money you have invested in your career as a doctor or other medical professional, any allegations that could result in you losing your license are serious. If your medical license is at risk of being suspended or revoked, it is important to seek representation from a Sacramento medical license defense attorney who can help you protect your career.

We are the law firm of Kravitz & Chan. When you retain us for your legal matter, you are getting a legal team that is dedicated to saving your career. Contact us online or call 800-248-5787 today to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your situation.

The Consequences Of A Medical Disciplinary Action Can Be Severe

The consequences of medical disciplinary action in front of the Medical Board of California are critical to your career. You can face the revocation or suspension of your license, the loss of your job and even criminal prosecution. Professional license defense is an administrative process, and you need an attorney who understands the procedures and can defend all other issues that you face. We will thoroughly analyze the allegations against you and begin developing your defense. We pay careful consideration to how your administrative license matter will affect your job and your freedom.

Paul did an excellent job on my case. I first asked him for assistance when the California Medical Board stated that I needed to be placed on probation for several years and perform other remediation activities. I was highly concerned about the board’s accusations and did not know how to proceed. During the initial consultation, Paul gave me excellent advice and informed me of what options I had. During the administrative process, he fought the board relentlessly in court and defended me against their accusations. In the end, he convinced the judges and board that probation was not warranted. The court ruled in my favor and the board was convinced that I did not have to spend any time on probation at all. In addition, Paul convinced the board not to require me to perform any remediation activities. Thanks to Paul, I am a fully licensed physician in the state of California. — Andy A., M.D.

It is important to remember that if you are being accused of professional misconduct, your license may not be the only thing affected. You could be facing employment issues and criminal charges. We can help you with all three of these areas. Our employment law background and extensive litigation experience have been effective in getting results for our clients.

Practicing Professional License Defense Exclusively

Many law firms practice professional license defense as a piece of other practice areas. Kravitz & Chan, however, practices professional license defense exclusively. This is of great benefit to our clients as they will receive quality representation from an attorney who knows the laws, the system and the disciplinary process in a unique way that only an attorney who practices exclusively in administrative law and licensing defense will have.

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