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Former med school dean accused of seeing patients while on drugs

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2017 | Professional License Defense |

A former medical school dean at the University of Southern California (USC) has been accused of seeing patients while on drugs. A report states that for more than one year, the former dean of the USC medical school used drugs while working as an eye doctor on campus. The alleged drug of choice for the dean was methamphetamine.

An investigation that was requested by the Medical Board of California found that the former dean of the Keck School of Medicine would use methamphetamine and heroin on an almost daily occurrence prior to returning to his office to see patients. The report also found that the former dean supplied drugs to a patient who was enrolled in a treatment program and to a teenager.

The subject of the investigation resigned from his post as dean of the Keck School of Medicine last year and did not comment for the Los Angeles Times report. USC did say that it had received complaints about the former dean’s drinking and abusive conduct towards other employees. But USC said it was shocked to learn of the former dean’s drug problems.

The report states that the former dean used drugs between February of 2015 and November of 2016 while in the position of dean. It also stated that the issue continued well past March of 2016, which is when he resigned as dean and stayed with the medical school as a faculty member.

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