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Indictment handed down for former nursing home worker

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2017 | Nursing License Defense |

Three felony charges have been handed down on a former nursing home employee who was arrested back in June. The former employee is accused of sexually assaulting a resident at the nursing home where he worked, the Washington Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation. The defendant has issued not guilty pleas to all three felonies against him.

The defendant was charged with two counts of endangering an incompetent or elderly person and one count of criminal sexual act. The indictment comes after the defendant was arrested for reportedly sexually assaulting a male resident where he worked. A complaint filed against the defendant says that he had oral sex with the victim while bathing him.

Just hours after the victim told other members of the staff what happened, the defendant reportedly admitted to state police what happened but then asked for an attorney. The defendant had only worked at the facility for nine months prior to the incident taking place. He was a licensed certified nurse assistant. His license was issued by the state.

State police expanded their investigation into the suspect after the initial complaint in an effort to find if there were any additional victims, but so far none have been found. If the suspect is convicted of the charges, each of them comes with a prison term of no more than four years.

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