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Informal vs formal nursing board hearings

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2017 | Nursing License Defense |

Holding a nursing license is required no matter where you want to work as a nurse in the country and California is no different. You will go through quite a bit of education, studying, testing and reviews in order to acquire the license. There are two reasons for you to protect your license; for the health and safety of your patients and for your own ethics.

If you have gotten yourself into some trouble regarding your nursing license, you will experience either an informal or formal hearing in front of the board of nursing (BON). An informal hearing occurs after the evidence has been gathered and presented to the board. You will then informally sit down with the BON to discuss the next steps. This can include an agreed upon suspension of your license, supervision, letters of warning, a consent order and other actions.

The BON will then review the settlement that has been reached to ensure that it is in the best interest in the safety of the public and will then issue a final order regarding the case.

A formal hearing in front of the BON or an administrative law judge will include the presentation of evidence in the case. The amount of proof needed to prove a complaint varies based on the laws in your jurisdiction. A public disciplinary hearing will also be held. A decision will then be made after both sides plead their case. The decision will be ratified by the BON.

Have you received noticed that your nursing license is being reviewed? An experienced nursing license defense attorney in Sacramento can help you protect your rights and prepare you for your appearance in front of the review board.

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