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Two mistakes people make when their career is on the line

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2017 | Professional License Defense |

What do you do? People tend to make one of two mistakes.

Mistake #1: They fail to take the situation seriously. This is something that happens in many legal cases. The consequences of a real investigation leading to real discipline are too much to think about, so people go into denial mode.

Denial may be healthy in some circumstances, but it can be deadly for professional license defense. Denial leads to delay, and you contact a lawyer experienced in license defense only when it is late in the game.

Mistake #2: They freak out. Knowing that your career and your reputation hang in the balance can create enormous anxiety. They lose sleep turning the problem over and over in their minds, and their performance sometimes suffers. Driven by stress, they may reach out to their family lawyer or someone on the internet.

The right attitude, of course, is somewhere between denial and obsessive worrying. It is essential to reach out at the earliest opportunity for a lawyer who is experienced in professional license defense.

At the Law Offices of Paul Chan. We have enjoyed success in many hundreds of professional license defense cases. Our clients include many in the nursing profession: RNs, nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, ICU nurses, ER nurses and medical-surgical nurses.

We defend against every kind of charge, from severe to frivolous: criminal convictions, incidents occurring off-duty, domestic violence, drug or alcohol use, stealing narcotics – even DUIs. Often charges of negligence arise from a work event or question of competence. Sometimes allegations are made for reasons having more to do with your private life, like a party picture on Facebook.

Besides nurses, we represent pharmacists, physicians, PAs, dentists and other healthcare professionals.

How we can help

We are based in Sacramento, but many of our clients come from all over the state. Usually, there is no need to meet in person. We can meet you online or by phone.

If you are in either mistake group – denial or high anxiety — move out of these groups today by contacting competent, experienced representation.

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