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Do’s and don’ts of medical licensing board investigations

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2018 | Professional License Defense |

Like all workers in the medical field, you have no doubt worked very hard to obtain your license. Years of schooling, many thousands of dollars and intensive training regimes have finally all come together to help you have the career you’ve always wanted.

Then one day the unthinkable happens. The California medical licensing board informs you that you are under investigation. At this point, you probably begin racking your brain in an attempt to figure out why someone may have complained about you. While understandable, this response is often not helpful. In truth, the best path to professional license defense is preparation.

The following sections provide some valuable do’s and don’ts if the medical board has placed you under investigation. Instead of giving in to worry, take these proactive steps to protect your license.

  • Don’t contact the patient or client and attempt to resolve the complaint
  • Don’t have any contact with the licensing board without legal representation
  • Don’t turn over any records or materials without first receiving attorney advice
  • Don’t ever overlook the seriousness of a board investigation, even if you know you have done nothing wrong
  • Do speak with an attorney who is familiar with the state’s medical licensing board
  • Do play an active role in your professional license defense efforts by providing your lawyer with an account of what actually happened
  • Do assist your attorney in finding expert witnesses to support your side of the incident

In the end, you are not simply attempting to prove yourself. You are defending your right to be a licensed medical care provider. Choosing a lawyer experienced in professional licensing defense and administrative law is an excellent way to protect your livelihood.

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