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On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2018 | Professional License Defense |

If you are practicing dental medicine in the Sacramento area of California, your good reputation likely contributes to the success of your practice. Anytime that good reputation takes a hit, it could result in reduced clientele, or worse, license revocation.

Even when you prove that your reputation is blemish-free, if the public learns that your license was called into question, they may choose to seek treatment elsewhere. For this reason and many others, protecting your reputation as well as your license to operate is always crucial to your success.

As professional license defense lawyers, we have seen dental professionals be stripped of their licenses for many reasons. A few examples of the reasons license revocation could occur include the following:

  • Accusations of performing dental procedures while intoxicated
  • Allegations of alcohol or drug abuse
  • Claims of negligence or criminal conduct
  • Accusations of patient abuse

You might have noticed that we use language like “allegations” and “accusations” in the above list. We do that because we recognize that some people may claim that a professional has engaged in wrongdoing when he or she has not.

This is important because you should never lose your license based on mere claims. When claims arise, professional license defense is critical.

Even if you know you have not engaged in the actions of which you have been accused, you must always take steps to protect your license. Often this means working with a lawyer to present evidence that you are practicing ethically and within the legal boundaries applicable to dental professionals.

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