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Outstanding student loan debt can threaten your nursing license

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2018 | Nursing License Defense |

If you are like most licensed professionals, you worked hard to acquire the education and training necessary to become a practicing nurse. You may have had to get student loans to help you pay for your education, but it remains a source of pride and accomplishment for you.

Do you think it is right that your nursing license can be threatened if you have trouble paying off those student loans?

We agree that this is not right. Some may even call this practice an embarrassing black mark on the American economic system as a whole. Even though we are encouraged to seek an education at any cost, we are penalized when we face financial hardships. While we agree that people must repay their debts, is taking away their license to work an effective way to accomplish such a goal?

Unfortunately, 19 states have laws that put your nursing license at risk if you fall behind on your student loans. California is one of the 19 states. This means losing the ability to work in the field for which you have received training and education.

Logically, this makes no sense because if you cannot work or must trade your professional pay for the wages paid for untrained labor, you likely will not have the means to repay your loans. If you think this looks like a self-defeating “solution” for unpaid student loans, you are not alone. Revoking or suspending a person’s professional license takes away or reduces his or her ability to repay debts.

While attorneys may not have all the answers you need to protect your job under these conditions, it may still be wise to discuss your situation with a lawyer. Remember, lawyers are professionals, too, which means many of us also paid for our education with student loans. Perhaps if all professionals come together and address these issues, we can find solutions that protect our hard-earned licenses.

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