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Defending California prison guards from misconduct allegations

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2018 | Professional License Defense |

While we all may agree that prisoners have rights, which correctional officers should respect, we can’t forget that guards have rights too. An unfortunate by-product of increasing inmate rights awareness is that many prison-employed peace officers may now face increased disciplinary actions for alleged misconduct.

Consider this: Because of the widespread and rightful concern about prisoner rights, some inmates may look for any opportunity to accuse a guard of misconduct. When the accusations are true, swift discipline represents justice for all. However, if such allegations have no basis in truth, the guards in charge of managing inmates may suddenly find themselves fighting for their jobs.

As professional license defense attorneys, we have seen prison guards face down allegations of excessive violence, misuse of authority, sexual misconduct and even code violations. All of these accusations as well as many others can put your career in serious jeopardy, especially if you are not prepared to defend your case.

The best rule of thumb in the midst of misconduct allegations is to assume that you need to protect your career as soon as you learn about any allegations against you. Take the seriousness of your situation into account and consider how a lawyer might help your case. Looking at the problem with an objective viewpoint can often help those accused know when to seek professional defense.

We invite you to read more about potential correctional officer disciplinary actions and professional license defense in our blog and on our firm’s website. Our staff routinely publishes educational and up-to-date information that you may find helpful.

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