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Protecting your license as a professional child-care provider

If you have completed the steps to become licensed as a child-care provider in California, you probably consider yourself a professional. As people who love our families, we agree that you and others like you provide professional level services. While many people view your work as unskilled labor, we know that you have undergone education and training to be the best provider you can possibly be.

Like other individuals that work hard for their careers, your professional license could be at risk. Anyone can file a complaint against you and your child-care service. If this ever happens to you, we want to emphasize the importance of a solid professional license defense at the earliest sign of trouble, preferably with assistance from an experienced lawyer.

Consider this: California has several options parents can use to see if someone has filed a complaint against a provider. Parents can also search for information about license violations and inspection results. If you have an unresolved report against you, even if it is unsubstantiated, parents may choose to look elsewhere for child care. This places your livelihood at risk and causes serious damage to your reputation as a professional.

What can you do? We recommend that all child-care providers address any concerns parents express immediately. When parents see that you care about their worries and are prepared to take any reasonable steps to accommodate them, they may be less apt to file a complaint.

It is also a great idea to make a plan for your professional license defense just in case you ever need it. A good way to approach such a plan is to keep detailed records that support your side of the matter and to have contact information for a license defense lawyer readily available.

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