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Medical spa: Ignorance is not a good professional license defense

On Behalf of | May 9, 2018 | Professional License Defense |

A relatively new form of medical care is taking California by storm — the medical spa. These popular businesses provide clients with the ultimate in cosmetic-centered treatments and procedures, all in a relaxing environment.

Medical spas are like day spas except that they offer procedures prohibited in a day spa. Examples include chemical peels, Botox and other injections and laser treatments. Because these spas provide a form of medical care, the state medical board governs them. This means that an infraction of the rules can threaten the license of the owner or physician.

Many people who supervise and work in a medical spa do not have an accurate grasp of the facility’s licensing requirements. For example, if a physician supervisor lacks the training to perform a procedure, then he or she is not qualified to supervise an employee performing the same procedure. Further, no staff member may perform a procedure without having a valid license.

Once a medical spa attracts the board’s attention, the violations typically multiply because owners, staff members and doctors did not take the time to understand the regulations. As you might expect, this is a recipe for disaster and could lead to closure of the business.

What can you do to circumvent these issues? Learn everything you can about medical spa license regulations. If you see any deficiencies in your business, take immediate steps to correct them. To strengthen your resources and ensure a strong professional license defense, consider talking with a Sacramento attorney about additional steps that will help you protect your business and your licenses.

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