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How is it possible to practice nursing without a license?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Nursing License Defense |

Unbelievably, many nurses in California have been caught practicing nursing without a license. How could something like this even happen in today’s world where proper credentials are so important? The reasons are many and varied, which the following sections will show.

In somewhat rare cases, people practicing as a nurse never acquired a license in the first place. They may have charged people money for a professional nurse’s opinion or tried to dispense medication. Regardless of how much an individual has learned about nursing, it is illegal to practice without a license. For these individuals, there is little chance that a nursing license defense will save them from severe legal consequences.

In a more common scenario, a nurse relocating to Sacramento from Atlanta finds employment in a hospital or doctor’s office. To legally practice nursing, he or she must acquire licensing in the state where the work will occur. It is easy to forget or overlook this requirement, leading to significant legal issues. However, a nursing license defense attorney can likely provide assistance in protecting your career.

Finally, one of the most common examples of practicing without a license occurs when a nurse simply forgets to renew his or her license. Nurses lead busy lives attending to multiple work issues while also taking care of their family’s needs. Forgetting to renew an expired license happens frequently under these conditions.

Fortunately, it is not too difficult to get back on track and, more importantly, back to work if you forget to renew your license or to seek licensing in a new state. An excellent resource in these cases and others is a nursing license defense attorney. Forging a partnership with a legal professional provides you with an immediate advocate committed to protecting you from the harshest consequences associated with unlawful nursing.

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