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California insurance agent loses license for alleged illegal acts

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2018 | Professional License Defense |

Many licensed professionals in the state of California are often surprised at the list of acts or behaviors that can put their licenses in jeopardy. Sometimes, even the simplest thing like not reporting a change of address can threaten a license. Other times, the loss of a license happens for more obvious reasons such as when professionals are accused of, or admit to, criminal activity. Regardless of why a professional license comes under threat, defendants need timely assistance to preserve a career.

Recently, an insurance agent who worked out of Santa Maria, California, lost his license over alleged illegal activities. He entered a guilty plea on a single “felony count of insurance fraud” centered on embezzling money from his former employer by writing several checks to himself. In addition to revoking his license to practice, the state barred him from engaging in work within the insurance industry.

Losing his license was not the only consequence for the former agent’s alleged actions. A court sentenced him to three years of probation and ordered him to pay over $4,300 in restitution to his former employer. Along with the embezzlement charge, the man also faced accusations that he “falsified insurance documents” that were related to a claim in which he was personally involved.

The news report does not mention whether the defendant had a professional license defense in place, but the story provides a good example of when an attorney can help. In this case, the defendant originally faced five felony charges. Perhaps he had a skilled lawyer who helped him negotiate his case down to a single count, which is just one way a professional license defense attorney helps those accused of criminal activity.

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