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Attorney tips for a successful nursing license defense

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2018 | Nursing License Defense |

Starting on the day you learn that a complaint has been filed against you with the California nursing board, you will probably think of little else than protecting your career. Complaints are a serious source of anxiety and stress for all professionals but succumbing to fear over the complaint can affect your personal and professional life.

We know how upsetting a complaint can be because we have worked with many nurses in the Sacramento area. A successful nursing license defense is never guaranteed, but the things you do or say following a complaint can either worsen or improve your situation. We offer all nurses the following tips to help them emerge from a board investigation with the best chance of keeping hard-earned nursing licenses safe.

Attorney assistance

You probably do not have the administrative law knowledge necessary to defend your nursing license. Consider working with a lawyer, which can improve your odds of protecting your career and remove much of the anxiety you may feel.

Remain professional

Strive to treat everyone involved with your complaint respectfully and professionally. It is also wise to remain truthful at all times when facing the nursing board.

Avoid social media

Because you never know who may be monitoring your social media postings, it is always wise to refrain from discussing work or patients on the internet, especially after a complaint against you.

Gather documentation

Make sure you keep and organize any notes you made about the case in question. You and your lawyer can use these to improve your nursing license defense.

Facing a nursing board inquiry alone is as stressful as it is unwise. For best results, take full advantage of the resources an experienced nursing license defense attorney can provide. You can learn more about board investigations and license preservation on our website.

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