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Can people sue a veterinarian for medical malpractice?

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2018 | Professional License Defense |

Your career means everything to you; without it, you have no job and wouldn’t be able to do what you love. As a professional, you must retain your license at all times. If it lapses or you lose it because of errors you make, then you could lose your ability to work at all. That would put your life in a tailspin rapidly.

As a veterinarian, you want to spend your time helping animals and their owners, not focusing on defending your license. Unfortunately, disciplinary board actions are increasing, and veterinarians are being investigated more often when complaints arise. Even if the complaints are frivolous, they could still end up costing you thousands of dollars in fees that you have to cover out of your own pocket.

Malpractice complaints aren’t just limited to humans

When they said that dogs were man’s best friend, that should have been a sign that people would do almost anything for their pets. Some people think of their pets as children, which is why it is no surprise that medical malpractice can extend into the field of veterinary medicine.

You do need to be prepared to protect your license at all times. Making a simple mistake, like allowing your tech to administer medications without you present, could be enough for a client to turn to the veterinary disciplinary board in your area. That could lead to a hearing and hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars you need to spend in your own defense. Stop this early, and remember that you can protect yourself. Don’t let the situation drag on; your attorney can help.

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