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Suspension results in need for strong doctor license defense

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2019 | Doctor License Defense |

California patients have the right to medical care that meets a certain standard, and when a doctor fails in his or her duty, the patient has the right to pursue legal action. In some cases, inappropriate conduct or improper medical care can lead to a suspension of a doctor’s license. However, medical professionals have the right to defend themselves and present a strong doctor license defense to protect their careers.

A recent case in which a doctor is facing a suspension of his medical license underlines the importance of an effective defense. In this situation, the doctor is facing accusations that include an inappropriate sexual relationship with a patient, not keeping accurate patient records, improper prescriptions and more. A medical review board determined that he was a danger to patients’ well-being when ruling on his license suspension.

In addition to his license suspension, he is also required to attend treatment for substance abuse and submit to an evaluation for his mental health status. He has the right to contest the ruling, but he stated that he would not be moving forward with this. He disagreed with the board’s statement that he was a danger to patients.

When facing serious allegations of misconduct like this doctor, California medical professionals may feel like the circumstances are insurmountable and they cannot do anything to fight back. They may not understand that, with the right legal help, they can fight to protect their license and career. Taking immediate action to develop a strong doctor license defense is the first step in protecting their livelihood and right to practice medicine. 

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