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Vaccination exemptions and doctor license defense in California

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | Doctor License Defense |

Vaccination requirements are a hot topic of conversation for California parents, schools, medical professionals and others. There is a new bill under consideration by state lawmakers that could bring some clarification to the issue. If passed, doctors could face increased scrutiny for allowing vaccination exemptions, which may lead to situations in which physicals may find it necessary to develop a doctor license defense.

California has one of the toughest vaccination records in the country. Children must be up-to-date on all vaccinations in order to attend public school. However, doctors may approve an exemption to this requirement on the basis of medical reasons. With the number of children with exemptions growing, some have concerns about how doctors are justifying them. If the proposed bill passes, all vaccination exemptions would be subject to review by the state health department.

Some medical professionals believe California could see a measles outbreak due to the growing number of children who do not have vaccinations. They hope this bill could help fight that possibility. However, there are others who believe this bill will only place more pressure on doctors and potentially expose them to unnecessary scrutiny. Out of fear, it is possible a physician would not grant an otherwise valid exemption.

Doctors in the state may want to take time to learn more about what this potential bill could mean for their practice if passed. One California doctor is already facing sanctions for writing allegedly fraudulent exemptions, and tougher laws could make it more likely this could happen to care providers. When facing an investigation, allegations or even the possibility of future complications, it may be necessary to talk to an attorney about doctor license defense. 

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