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Alleged strange behavior could put your license at risk

On Behalf of | May 8, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Medical doctors have to uphold specific standards and offer patients a certain standard of care. When doctors and other types of medical care providers do certain things that may compromise the care they provide patients, they could face the suspension or revocation of their medical license. This can end a California doctor’s career, ruin his or her reputation, and limit the right to practice independently.

There are strict standards in place for the benefit and protection of patients. However, some doctors can face issues with their license over things like false accusations, misunderstandings and more. One doctor in another state is currently fighting for his career due to behavior deemed unusual. He is adamant that these accusations are unfair, and his unfortunate situation provides valuable insight regarding how you can protect your own medical career. 

Does odd behavior compromise patient care?

The problems for this particular doctor began when he sent an email to the state’s Department of Public Health expressing concerns about corruption and possible organized crime. The department reported that he made anti-Semitic comments in the emails as well. After this, the department required the doctor to submit to psychological testing. 

The evaluating doctor claimed that the man was combative and uncooperative during his examination. The evaluation states that the doctor displayed paranoid behavior and was not listening to logical reasoning. At his hearing with the licensing board, the accused doctor stated that the board lacks sufficient evidence of inability or wrongdoing.

What does this mean for you?

At some point in your career, you may face ungrounded accusations about your behavior as a medical professional. You would be wise to take these situations seriously and act quickly to protect your medical license. This doctor is facing years of probation and license suspension, and his career may never be the same. You may learn from his case of the importance of a strong defense when dealing with issues involving the licensing board.

What if your career is on the line? 

If you believe that you could be facing accusations or you are already dealing with issues involving the licensing board, the time to act is now. By securing experienced legal guidance, you can fight to protect your career and your ability to practice medicine. It is smart to take every threat seriously and work for a beneficial outcome to any problem.

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