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California pediatrician would benefit from doctor license defense

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | Doctor License Defense |

Some recent allegations against a California pediatrician has prompted both the local police and the Medical Board of California to launch an investigation. Recently, the doctor was accused of using improper medical practices that includes inappropriately touching a child. No charges have been filed, but this doctor would be wise to start working on his doctor license defense strategy.

The doctor said that he was unaware of an investigation into his actions, and he is currently still seeing patients. He defends himself by stating that he does not employ any medical practices that are not normal and appropriate for pediatricians. He has faced allegations in the past, but he never faced charges for those. He has been practicing for many years, and he has the support of many of his long-time patients and parents.

One parent was quick to point out that she has never had a problem with the California doctor. He is described as kind, compassionate and truly concerned with the needs of his patients. His office staff and other doctors in the practice stand by him as well, stating that it is the office policy for a doctor to never be alone with a child unless there is an assistant or parent in the room as well.

Allegations like these can be devastating for a doctor’s professional reputation. This doctor may want to seek the guidance of an attorney regarding whether he needs to starting working on a doctor license defense to protect his practice. He has the right to defend himself and take whatever steps are necessary to shield himself against these allegations.

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