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Fighting for a career through doctor license defense

On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | Doctor License Defense |

Doctors have the right to fight for their career when they face allegations of any type of wrongdoing. It is often possible to fight back with a strong doctor license defense, therefore protecting one’s career. One California medical practitioner recently decided to surrender his medical license after he was accused of inappropriately handling prescriptions of controlled substances.

The California State Medical Board released a statement about the doctor, saying that he was facing accusations of unprofessional conduct, negligent care of patients and inappropriate prescription of controlled substances. Specifically, the doctor allegedly prescribed certain types of medication to patients either excessively or without a proper examination. He did not admit to the charges, but he did agree to surrender his medical license. Apparently, he did admit to some of the facts related to the charges.

The surrender of his medical license marked the end of a long career as a respected community doctor. He had been practicing medicine for around 40 years, and he was the medical director at a local hospital. He retired last year, but the loss of his license impacts his ability to practice in the future, and it likely has some consequences on his reputation as a local practitioner as well.

California doctors understand how important it is to take immediate action when facing accusations of any type of wrongdoing. Just one allegation can jeopardize a career, and a doctor license defense can help a medical practitioner confront any charges against him or her. It is smart to reach out for help as soon as there is an indication of a problem.

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