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College doctor may need doctor license defense help

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2019 | Doctor License Defense |

A gynecologist who worked with the University of California, Los Angeles is facing serious accusations of sexually assaulting a student who was under his care. The doctor has been practicing medicine for over 30 years, and according to what one can find online, his record is clear. However, he may want to move forward with building a doctor license defense strategy in the near future. 

The woman who brings these allegations against the doctor has filed a lawsuit against the university, the doctor and other parties. She claims that the doctor inappropriately touched her body for nonmedical reasons during a visit in 2017. In addition to the supposed physical contact, she claims that he also made sexually inappropriate comments toward her as well. As a result, she alleges that she is experiencing mental and emotional duress. 

The doctor is currently facing criminal charges that include sexual battery. He pleaded not guilty, and several others who have seen the doctor as patients or worked with him in a medical setting have spoken out in his defense. His attorney states that the claims against him are unfounded and the result of patients who may have misinterpreted what is supposed to happen in a thorough examination.

A California doctor who is facing such serious allegations will find it beneficial to seek guidance regarding how he or she can fight back. It is important to defend against criminal charges, but it is also smart to take steps to preserve one’s license and right to practice medicine. It may help for a medical professional to speak with a legal advocate regarding potential strategies for doctor license defense. 

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