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Doctor license defense and criminal defense for Salinas doctor

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2019 | Doctor License Defense |

A California doctor is facing criminal charges for domestic violence, which has led to a suspension of his medical license while the case is pending. Medical professionals facing criminal allegations of any kind would be wise to start working on their criminal defense, as well as their doctor license defense. Both their personal freedom and their ability to practice medicine are on the line. 

This particular doctor is facing several felony charges, including assault, attempted murder, threats to commit crimes and more. The medical licensing board has suspended his license, meaning he can no longer perform surgery or see patients. He pleaded no contest to domestic violence and attempting to cause bodily harm. He is facing a prison sentence of up to seven years. 

He is still waiting for his sentencing hearing, but there is no set date for a hearing for his medical license. It is possible his medical license could be revoked. While the accusations against him are serious, he has the right to pursue the best possible outcome to his situation. This includes fighting the criminal charges against him and pursuing ways to defend his career as well. 

When facing criminal charges, a doctor’s career is on the line. The licensing board could suspend or revoke the person’s license, negatively impacting his or her professional reputation, regardless of the outcome of the criminal case. It is smart to take immediate steps to develop a strong doctor license defense, beginning with a complete evaluation of the situation and explanation of the options available. 

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