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Doctor license defense for practitioner fighting for career

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2019 | Doctor License Defense |

A California doctor is fighting for her career after coming under scrutiny for how she prescribes certain types of medications to her patients. This doctor is facing accusations of over-prescribing opioid medications to her patients, but she strongly contends that her methods are appropriate for people dealing with addictions and medication dependency. As she responds to the accusations against her, she will benefit from a strong doctor license defense. 

A state regulatory agency has accused her of improper practices and unprofessional conduct. She says that she is helping people who have been taking excessive amounts of dangerous medications, some of whom are living with chronic pain. She is accused of over prescribing opioids, but she says that by handling their medications like she does, she is able to reduce their dependency on these medicines.

The doctor is currently facing the threat of losing her license. The California Medical Board is reviewing her case. It is possible she could lose her career altogether, face a license suspension for a specific amount of time or end up on probation. She claims the medical board is publicly shaming her. Several of her patients have spoken out in defense of the doctor, saying she helped them when no other doctors would. 

These are serious threats that the woman needs to take seriously. She would be wise to start working on a doctor license defense as soon as possible so she can continue to fight for her ability to practice medicine. She may want to work with a California attorney who can help her understand her legal options. 

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