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Doctor license defense necessary after patient overdoses

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2019 | Doctor License Defense |

In California and elsewhere, doctors have the obligation to provide patients with a certain standard of care. When doctors fail in this duty, patients can suffer harm, and doctors can face the revocation or suspension of their medical license. When a medical professional is facing accusations of negligence or improper patient care, it can result in the need for that individual to seek doctor license defense help.

A doctor in another state is currently facing accusations of providing patients with substandard care who were already struggling with substance abuse problems. Reports indicate that eight of his recent patients passed away from overdoses. His medical license is currently suspended for a period of one year. Allegations allege that he gave patients certain types of prescription medications without following proper procedures or showing regard for safety measures. 

This doctor supposedly ignored urine tests that indicated that some patients were taking illicit drugs and medications that could interact with prescription medication. Other tests supposedly indicated that patients were not taking all of the medication prescribed to them, which may have meant they were selling or distributing certain drugs. The doctor’s practices came under scrutiny after certain issues came to light, including the overdose of several patients.

In this situation, the doctor’s reputation and future career opportunities are on the line. When a California doctor find himself or herself in a similar situation, it is prudent for that person to take immediate action to start working on a doctor license defense. An assessment of the individual situation can help him or her understand what legal steps may be necessary. 

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