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Nursing license defense may be necessary after emergencies

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2019 | Nursing License Defense |

California nurses face challenges every day, and sometimes they have to make choices in the moment that can make the difference between life and death. These decisions sometimes go against regulations, and they may lead to the need for a nursing license defense. Recently, a school nurse had to make one of these emergency choices, and while she saved a life, she also faced the possibility of losing her license. 

This situation illustrates how quickly a situation can arise that can compromise a nurse’s license. In this case, the nurse was working at a school when a student came in demonstrating signs of hypoglycemia. The nurse tried to treat the student with certain foods, but she became unresponsive. Glucose gel was administered, but it would not stay in her mouth. 

After this point, the nurse made the decision to administer a specific drug to the student. However, the drug did not belong to this student, and the choice to use it was against regulations and the law. By administering this drug, she saved the student’s life, but she also risked her license and even the possibility of prosecution. Her choice was the right one in the moment, but it was also against the rules. Nurses face life-and-death choices each day, and sometimes, they may need to defend their decisions.

When a nurse is questioned for his or her choices, that person does not have to face the scrutiny alone. It may help to work with an attorney experienced in nursing license defense in order to effectively confront any formal accusations. Each California nurse has the right to defend his or her career and ability to work in the medical field. 

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