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Doctor license defense may be necessary after serious accusations

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2019 | Doctor License Defense |

A California doctor is facing the serious allegation of using a dirty needle while treating patients. At this time, the Medical Board of California is looking into these accusations, but he is currently practicing, and his license remains valid. While the case is ongoing, he still may benefit from working to prepare a strong doctor license defense strategy.

The doctor is specifically accused of using needles on a 2-year-old patient and a 10-year-old patient that were dirty, taken from a box that expired more than five years earlier. A medical assistant claims that she saw the doctor use these needles, which apparently came from his own home. Allegedly, the box also contained rodent droppings and evidence of insects as well. It is not clear if there is any physical, photo or video evidence of the dirty needles.

According to the MBC, he is facing charges of gross negligence. He may invoke his right to a hearing before an administrative law judge, and the doctor is not currently answering any questions about his case. He has the right to defend himself against any charges or accusations, present evidence for his defense and fight to protect his career.

Certain types of allegations can be irrevocably damaging for a medical career. A medical professional facing these types of accusations would be wise to start exploring options for a doctor license defense. It is smart to take this course of action as soon as possible after allegations are made, charges are filed or it becomes apparent there could be accusations in the near future. 

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