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Doctor license defense and criminal defense often go together

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2019 | Doctor License Defense |

When a California doctor faces criminal allegations, it can threaten his or her professional career as well. In situations where a criminal defense may be necessary, it is also often necessary to develop a strong doctor license defense. A medical professional has the right to fight for his or her career just as he or she would fight back against any formal charges. 

A recent case involving a doctor facing allegations of domestic violence illustrates how a person may also have to defend his or her ability to practice medicine while also defending against criminal charges. This doctor’s legal troubles stem from an incident involving his fiancee during which he supposedly became violent with her. Part of his arrest was captured on camera as part of filming the show “Live PD.” 

He pleaded no contest to the charges. His plea brought penalties that included one year in jail, four years of probation and required community service. At this time, the Medical Board of California has suspended his license. It is possible the board could opt to permanently strip him of his license. He is likely considering what steps he could take if he wants to continue to practice medicine in the future.

A strong doctor license defense is necessary for medical professionals who are facing criminal allegations or issues that could compromise their careers. Starting with a complete evaluation of the individual case, a doctor can learn more about the possible ways he or she can seek to protect his or her career. Understandably, it is a prudent course of action to take any allegations or potential license complications seriously.

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