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Real estate license defense important for accused realtor

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2019 | Real Estate License Defense |

When a real estate professional faces accusations of misconduct, it can be a direct threat to his or her career. These allegations are serious, and they may eventually lead to a revocation or suspension of that person’s license. Whether there are formal charges against a Realtor, he or she is under investigation, or there may be problems in the future, it can be smart to start working on a real estate license defense strategy.

California Realtors understand the importance of reputation in this type of business. As one Realtor from another state is learning, past mistakes can also significantly impact a person’s ability to keep a license and build a successful real estate business. In this situation, the man is accused by a state regulation department of intentionally withholding previous felony convictions.

The investigation into his activities started last year after a local newspaper published a report on the man, including giving information about alleged suspicious transactions. Real estate agents are supposed to disclose to the state information about any previous convictions on their criminal records. The Realtor has previously denied wrongdoing, but he has declined to speak publicly about his recent legal troubles. 

Regardless of a person’s past, he or she has the right to fight for a strong future. This includes the ability to get a fresh start and build a career as a professional California real estate agent. Like with this Realtor, past issues can affect current and future plans, and it may be helpful to speak with a legal advocate regarding a potential real estate license defense. 

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