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Tragic death of mother leads to need for doctor license defense

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2019 | Doctor License Defense |

California doctors know how important it is to provide proper and effective medical care to their patients. It is always tragic when a patient suffers from unexpected circumstances, as is what happened recently when a mother died just a few hours after giving birth. The doctor who was caring for the patient is now facing allegations of wrongdoing, giving rise to the need for a strong doctor license defense. 

The issues with the patient started shortly after she delivered a baby. The doctor then proceeded to remove the placenta from the patient as is standard practice, but according to a report on what happened, the patient was in obvious pain. After the procedure was over, nurses believed that the patient was showing signs of distress, but the doctor’s opinion was that she was not in any danger.

Sadly, the mother died the same day. The cause of death is due to excessive bleeding, which is believed to have been caused by damage to the uterus. At this point, the California Medical Board is considering a complete revocation of the doctor’s medical license. He is not facing criminal charges because of this incident, and he has the right to counter any accusations he is facing in the pursuit of a beneficial outcome.

A doctor who is facing allegations of wrongdoing does not have to face this situation alone. A medical professional has the right to mount a strong doctor license defense to fight for his or her career and work to protect the ability to practice medicine. Unfortunate accidents happen in the medical field, and an accused doctor may be able to present his or her case to the medical board with the help of an experienced legal advocate.

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