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Reasons your California medical license could be at risk

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2020 | Professional License Defense |

It can be sobering to find out you have to face the Medical Board of California. All those years of studying and training… All those exams you had to pass, and all that money you invested to attain your medical license hangs in the balance. Imagine having to tell people that they should address you as Mister, rather than Doctor from now on.

You would not mind so much if you lost your license due to a cavalier, high-risk new surgical procedure going wrong. Even the Wright brothers, the inventors of the first aircraft, reached for the sky and fell numerous times before success. Yet knowing you could lose your license because you got some paperwork wrong; that’s demoralizing. These are some of the reasons you may need to defend your license:

  • Fraud: Paperwork errors could lead to charges of fraud. These could include mischarging a patient, charging them for something they did not receive or more.
  • Sexual misconduct: The relationship between a doctor and a patient has to be professional. If you develop a more personal connection, you need to end your professional one. Accusations of sexual assault can also lead to losing your license.
  • Criminal convictions: Not all crimes can affect your medical license, but some such as drunk driving could.
  • Drink or drugs: Medical professionals must report colleagues with a drink or drug problems to the licensing board. As a doctor, you need to be in full control of your faculties to make safe decisions about your patients. Drinking at home and having a hangover does not mean that you have an addiction.

Whatever the reason your medical license is at risk, it is vital you seek the help of an attorney experienced in license defense. It is not just a piece of paper at risk, but your livelihood and reputation.

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