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Can a nurse lose their license for a DUI?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2020 | Nursing License Defense |

You can absolutely lose your driver’s license if you get a DUI in California, but what if you’re worried that it may go farther than that? For instance, say you have spent the last 10 years working as a nurse. Could you lose your nursing license, as well? Is this going to impact your entire career? 

You must report alcohol offenses to the licensing board

When renewing your nursing license, one thing you have to do is to report major convictions. This includes anything involving drugs or alcohol. The only convictions that are not included are those resulting in no more than sub-$1000 fines. Even then, if they involved drugs or alcohol, you have to report them. 

What happens when you do? The board can then take appropriate action, based on the circumstances and events. They may:

  • Suspend your license
  • Put you on probation
  • Ask you to voluntarily surrender your license
  • Revoke your license

What this means is that they’re not going to automatically take away your nursing license just because you got a DUI, but they do have the power to do so if it’s deemed necessary. For instance, they could put you on probation for a first offense and then revoke your license for a second offense. 

What are your options if you’re worried about your nursing license after a DUI?

You’re right to be worried about your career, especially if you have a criminal history or if this is a very serious offense — like a DUI involving a fatal accident. You need to know exactly what options you have and what steps to take. 

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