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Are you ready to face the licensing board after your summons?

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There are numerous professional licensing boards that operate in California. Professionals ranging from building contractors and teachers to medical professionals and accountants have to maintain state licensing in order to work in their preferred profession.

Licensing helps ensure that everyone working in educated professions has completed the necessary schooling or training. It also helps prevent those with a history of criminal activity or fraud from working in professions where they could take advantage of people.

Finally, licensing at the state level creates professional accountability for mistakes, negligence or wrongdoing in a professional capacity. When a licensed professional faces criminal charges or has allegations brought against them by a complaint from a co-worker or clients, they may wind up summoned to a hearing in front of the state licensing board. 

Disciplinary hearings can result in the loss of your professional licensing

Although each California state licensing board has its own practices and requirements for professionals, there are certain standards that remain consistent. For example, those accused of gross negligence in a professional capacity will likely face review, as will those accused of serious criminal offenses.

Especially for those in medical professions, addiction or substance abuse claims can also have a profound impact on licensing. If the board determines that the allegations against a licensed professional are valid or that they have violated the rules established for the profession, disciplinary actions up to the loss of licensing are possible. You need to be ready to face the licensing board and convince them that you deserve to retain your license and continue your career.

You can defend yourself and even hire an attorney

Just like those accused of crimes, those facing disciplinary action by a licensing board typically have the right to defend themselves. You can prepare a defense against the claims made about your performance or behavior. You can also take steps to show that you have resolved the issues involved.

Changing your professional policies, taking specialized educational courses or even going through rehab could play a role in your defense strategy. You could also undermine or discredit the claims against you.

Experienced help can make all the difference while planning your defense strategy and arguing your side of the situation in front of the licensing board. Given all that you could lose if you don’t respond appropriately, being proactive now can help protect your future.

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