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You need to take steps to protect your nursing license after a DUI

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2021 | Nursing License Defense |

As a nurse, you love your career but know that you could lose it if you violate the terms of your license and the expectations of the medical board. The California Board of Registered Nursing, or BRN, oversees the nursing practice in California and regulates nursing practices through the Nursing Practice Act.

If you have a complaint made against you, are convicted of a crime or abuse drugs or alcohol, you could face harsh discipline from the BRN as well as the court system.

What happens if a nurse is convicted for driving under the influence?

If a nurse is convicted of driving under the influence, then that conviction will go to the BRN for review. The conviction is likely to trigger disciplinary action because of being a violation of the Nursing Practice Act.

It is important to defend yourself in court and against the BRN if you’re accused of a DUI or convicted for driving under the influence. To begin with, you will want to fight the charges in court, so that you can avoid a conviction if possible.

If you are convicted, you should focus on developing a defense for the BRN. Your attorney, who will be familiar with handling BRN proceedings and court hearings, can help you. As a license defense attorney, your attorney will be able to talk to you about the steps you can take to make sure you keep your license and can maintain it in the future. They will help you take steps to protect your professional reputation as well.

Will you lose your nursing license if you’re convicted of a DUI?

It’s possible, but a conviction doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll lose your nursing license. Your attorney will focus on developing your case in a way that helps you get a simple citation and fine, probationary time or a Letter of Public Reprimand. With those, you’ll still be able to keep your license and continue to work as a nurse.

Any time you engage in any activity that could threaten your license, it’s important to defend yourself. You face traditional penalties, but you could also put your career on the line if you don’t take action to protect yourself.

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