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You could lose your nursing license before proven guilty

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2021 | Nursing License Defense |

Every time someone accuses a nurse of doing something wrong, it generates big headlines. It is the trade-off that people such as nurses and teachers have to put up with. In exchange for the public placing their faith in you, you know they will get more upset than usual if someone alleges you have broken that trust. When the public and press portray nurses as angels, they are likely to portray those they think have strayed as demons.

People may prejudge any case against you

That can make getting a fair hearing difficult. As a nurse, your nursing license is key to your ability to work. If you lose it, you need to find another career. If the press has splashed your name over their pages, it will make finding any job more difficult. It could even make continuing to live in the area impossible.

The nursing board may suspend your license before your case is heard

There is currently a case in the press concerning a Sacramento nurse accused of several grave offenses against patients. His case has not yet reached trial, but the California nursing board already suspended his license. His representative does not believe the nursing board will ever reinstate it. Regardless of what the final verdict may be.

In a country that says you are innocent until proven guilty, defending your nursing license against an accusation of wrongdoing can be tough. Defending your reputation with the public can also be challenging. It is crucial to get experienced legal help to protect your nursing license, your right to work, and your freedom to walk around the streets with your head held high.

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