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You have a right to defend yourself against medical negligence claims

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2021 | Doctor License Defense |

If you are being threatened with a medical negligence claim, you know how serious that is. You could lose your license and ability to practice medicine if the claim is proven true, and that’s a significant threat to your livelihood.

The good news is that it’s often difficult for patients to prove that negligence took place, and you have the opportunity to defend against those claims.

How can you best defend against medical negligence claims?

To start, you need to have a good explanation of the series of events that may have led up to the claim. For example, if the patient is claiming that you weren’t paying close attention to them during the birth of their child, what can you do to show that you were there and taking the right steps? For example, if their charts were all good and you stepped away while leaving another person in charge, you could show that you did take steps to be sure they’d be cared for in your absence.

Having test results and witness statements from other nurses and providers may also help you. For instance, if you have a surgical team that can also emphasize that a surgery did go as planned and had no significant complications, then that could help you show that the patient’s complications were not related to the surgery itself.

Patients who want to prove medical negligence took place need to collect evidence and have another medical provider on their side show that your care was below the acceptable standard of care in the medical community. On your end, it’s worth taking time to prove that the care you offered was up to that standard.

Get support to get through this threat against your license

When your license and career is on the line, it’s important to have a team on your side to support you. Your attorney can help you protect your license and present the right evidence to show that the care you offered was of the best possible quality. You deserve the opportunity to protect yourself and don’t have to let patients make claims that aren’t accurate.

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