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What causes a physical therapist to lose their license?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2021 | Professional License Defense |

You worked hard to become a physical therapist — but all of that energy, time and money toward your degree can be lost if you lose your license to practice. Understanding more about what can cause a physical therapist to lose their license can help you avoid significant legal problems.

These are some of the more common reasons to your license could be taken:

Improper record-keeping

All patient care should be clearly documented. Because you’re dealing with medical records, you need to be especially careful with what you notate in a patient’s chart. You shouldn’t erase anything that you write in a patient’s chart, nor should you alter electronic records in a way that’s unethical or illegal. 

Fraudulent billing

The bills that you send out, whether to insurance companies or individuals, must be completely accurate. Never try to bill for services or items that you didn’t actually provide to the patient. It’s usually best to double-check the coding that you use for billing so that you don’t inadvertently send out an incorrect bill — since even ordinary mistakes can lead to fraud charges.

Patient mistreatment

As a physical therapist, it’s your duty to help your patients. Mistreating them in any manner, including being unnecessarily rough with them or verbally abusive, could lead to disciplinary measures. 

Any physical therapist who’s in danger of losing their license should learn more about their legal options. If you’re facing both a criminal charge and a civil complaint, your defense may need to take a dual approach. Licensing boards can be very unforgiving, so it’s wise to seek experienced counsel as soon as possible.

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