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Foster parents: Get ready to defend your license

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To run a foster home, prospective foster parents need to be licensed. The process is long, requiring a licensed worker to come to the home and meet the family. There are requirements for safety and space. There are also personal requirements based on the child.

Generally, foster parents work closely with social services. They look at different factors to decide which kinds of foster children would do best in their home. For example, they will look at health issues that the foster family may be able to handle or ages that would be best suited to the home.

Foster parents are expected to provide a stable, supportive home environment. The goal, in most cases, is to get the children back with their birth parents.

Are foster parents paid to take on this role?

Yes. Foster parents do get a payment every month. This payment is intended to cover the needs of the child who was placed into care. This may include clothing costs and food expenses. In California, medical and dental care are provided through the Medi-Cal program.

Foster parents are held to a high standard of care

As foster parents, people are held to a higher standard of care. They are expected to discipline children without physical punishments and to provide particular care when they cannot be home, such as a babysitter over the age of 21.

If a foster care runs afoul of the Division of Family and Children’s Services manual, then there is a real chance that they could not only have the child or children removed from their care but also lose their license.

How are allegations made against foster parents?

Allegations can come from almost anywhere. It could be a teacher who reported something that the child said happened (but didn’t) or someone who reported that the babysitter was too young. Foster children are wards of the state, so not following the manual could lead to that child being removed and the foster parents being accused of neglect or abuse.

If you’re facing the loss of your foster license, don’t wait to defend yourself. You can take action to resolve the claims against you.

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