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A sip of something to calm your nerves could cost your license

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2021 | Nursing License Defense |

As a medical professional, you have to be ready for just about anything. Nurses, especially those who work in unpredictable environments like emergency rooms or delivery wards, often face both boring and impossibly stressful days on the job. 

You may have to work an unexpected double when someone else calls in sick or get back to patient care after something tragic happens. Those trying to repress an emotional response or power through a long shift money reach for something alcoholic while still on the clock, rationalizing the decision by not drinking enough to become falling-down drunk. 

Many nurses fall into the 20% of known alcoholics who are functional despite their addiction. They may assume that their drinking isn’t a problem if they can still do their jobs. However, any detectable amount of alcohol in your bloodstream could put your license at risk.

Coworkers or patients could report you

No matter how subtle you are about adding alcohol to your beverage and how functional you can be after having something to drink, the risk is there for you to make a mistake on the job that might lead to mandatory testing. 

Even if that does not occur, someone who notices your stumble as you walk or who smells alcohol on your breath could report you, triggering testing and disciplinary action. Nurses caught with alcohol in their bloodstream while on the job could risk not only disciplinary action up to termination but also the loss of their license, preventing them from getting any other nursing job in the future. 

Recognizing the personal habits that put your nursing license at risk can help you protect your career.


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