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3 reasons you need help defending your nursing license

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2021 | Nursing License Defense |

You have received notice of a disciplinary hearing from the California Board of Registered Nursing, and now you need help. You have worked hard to get your nursing license and to establish yourself as a nursing professional. If your license is at risk, you will probably want to assert your right to legal representation during your disciplinary hearing. 

What are some of the reasons that people choose to hire an attorney to protect their nursing license? 

Nerves can impact how you appear to the board

Perhaps the best reason to bring in outside help is how anxiety will affect your performance. Many people have a fear of speaking in public, and having something important, like your license, dependent on your public speaking may worsen your nerves. 

Stress and anxiety can affect recall and memory. They can also make someone seem aggressive or irritable, which can affect how the board handles your matter. Having an attorney speak for you ensures that the person advocating for your license will be calm and articulate under pressure. 

You won’t need to memorize procedures and board rules

The chances are good that this is the first time you will ever have attended a disciplinary hearing. Mistakes with protocol can affect the success of your license defense. 

An attorney who has already navigated numerous licensing board disciplinary hearings will know exactly when to speak and when to present evidence, ensuring that no technical mistakes affect your chances of success.

You don’t want to cut corners when it comes to protecting your profession

Losing your nursing license would mean a massive hardship for you. You might even still have student loans that you have to pay back from getting your nursing degree. You don’t want to cut corners now and risk losing out on years of income in the future. 

Hiring a lawyer ensures that there is a professional advocating for you and that you have given yourself the best chance at success when it comes to protecting your professional license. Fighting back when you face nursing licensing consequences for a legal matter or a previous career mistake is crucial to your future.

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