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3 reasons teachers could lose their licenses

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2022 | Professional License Defense |

As a teacher, you may know that there are a few reasons why you could lose your teaching license. Failing to renew your license or misconduct at work are two possibilities, but there are several more.

Understandably, it is possible for teachers to lose their licenses if they’re involved in a criminal act, commit malpractice or commit fraud. Each of these threats to your license is serious and should be defended against as soon as possible following an accusation.

Losing a license due to criminal acts

The first time you could lose your license is if you commit a criminal act. Something like a DUI on school property could put your license at risk, but so could drug possession or assault. Any time you face a criminal charge, it’s important to seek a strong defense, but it’s particularly important to include license defense if you teach.

What is teacher malpractice?

Teacher malpractice is not discussed very often, but it refers to when a teacher fails to provide the education that their students need. While most courts will throw out claims that students weren’t educated properly, there are times when teachers could face the loss of the license for failing to have the right credentials to teach a subject or simply not teaching in the classroom at all.

Fraud is problematic in a school setting

Fraud is another issue that could cost you your license. Teacher fraud usually involves providing a school with false credentials. Another situation could involve a teacher committing exam fraud, such as by providing the answers to the students. In either these or other cases of fraud, there is a potential for a teacher to lose their license.

These three issues are all problems that you should be aware of as a teacher. If you do get in trouble with the law or you are accused of committing fraud, then it’s important that you prepare to defend yourself against those allegations. If you aren’t successful, there is a risk that you could lose your teaching license, which could hinder your ability to work in your chosen career.


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