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Appealing the suspension or revocation of your nursing license

On Behalf of | May 17, 2022 | Nursing License Defense |

Your nursing career which you worked so hard for could be on the line after your license is suspended or revoked. Essentially, it means that you cannot practice and if you do, you may face additional penalties for unlicensed practice.

However, it is possible to appeal a suspended or revoked nursing license and get it reinstated.

How to go about your appeal petition

When appealing a revoked or superseded license, you first need to petition the board and show that your case deserves merit. It means that you must satisfy some conditions related to your suspension or revocation. 

For instance, three years need to have passed for reinstatement of a revoked license unless the nursing board stated otherwise or one year if the license was revoked due to impairment arising from mental or physical illness.

You bear the burden of proof

It is up to you to convince the board that you are competent enough and that reinstatement of your nursing license is the right move. Such evidence to support your case may include:

  • Formal statements or letters from counselors, therapists or support groups such as alcoholic anonymous or nurse support groups depending on the reasons for suspension or revocation
  • Proof of compliance with court issued orders related to the suspension of your license
  • Physical or mental assessment reports from qualified health practitioners
  • Drug screening reports where appropriate, among others

Remember, the board may contact third parties to verify the information you submit to it so you need to be truthful.

The hearing is the most important part of the process

The hearing of your petition will determine whether or not your license will be reinstated or the penalty reduced. During the hearing, you will be given an opportunity to present your case and convince the panel of your competency or rehabilitation.

It is advisable to learn more about what to expect during the hearing to increase your chances of a successful outcome. Getting it right on your first appeal is your best bet given that you may have to wait for another two years to file another petition to the board.

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