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Are you being scapegoated for your nursing license?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Nursing License Defense |

You know that you could risk losing your nursing license if you make a mistake. But, at the same time, you work in a fast-paced and chaotic hospital environment where you know that mistakes are going to happen. 

What you’re worried about is that someone might scapegoat you and try to blame you for mistakes that were made, which could cause you to lose your nursing license even though you do not believe you were at fault. Is this something that happens and is it a risk you should worry about?

Accusations and evidence

First and foremost, there are certainly accusations that this type of thing happens. Some people blame the system, saying that it is inherently unsafe and that nurses who lose their licenses are just scapegoats for the problems within the system. In other cases, it could be that a different doctor or nurse made a mistake and tried to blame you for the error. Whose fault is it if a doctor gives you instructions, you follow them, and then the patient suffers harm?

The good thing is that “clear and convincing evidence” will be needed to take away your nursing license. This isn’t something that is just done on an accusation. Actual evidence is required showing that you did act negligently or caused patients harm in a way that was your fault alone.

That’s not to say that your case isn’t going to be complicated, especially if you’re being blamed and you believe someone else was at fault. That’s when you absolutely need to know about all of your legal options to defend your license and your future.

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