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Disciplinary actions can stay linked to your nursing record

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Nursing License Defense |

Any behavior or conduct that falls short of the high standards of professionalism and ethics expected of a nurse may result in disciplinary action. It could be an ethical violation, criminal behavior or incompetence.

If you have a disciplinary action record, such as a letter of reprimand or probation, finding employment opportunities or furthering your nursing career can be difficult. Many healthcare employers require a clean disciplinary record as a condition of employment. In addition, disciplinary actions are public records accessible by anyone who requests them.

What you need to know

Final disciplinary decisions issued by the Office of Administrative Hearings are displayed on the California Board of Registered Nursing website. How long a disciplinary action will remain posted will depend on various factors, such as when it became final and the seriousness of the disciplinary charge.

Typically, disciplinary actions remain on your record for several years, but some serious violations can remain indefinitely. For instance, a final decision resulting in license revocation or surrender will stay on the BRN website indefinitely. On the other hand, decisions leading to probation will remain on record for ten years from the date of completion.

It is worth noting that even if disciplinary action is no longer visible to the public, it may still be accessible to certain entities, such as other state licensing boards or potential employers.

Get the necessary help

It is crucial to seek qualified legal representation as soon as possible if you are facing any issue related to your nursing practice that could negatively affect your career or license. You may not have to worry about how long a disciplinary action will stay on your record if you take the proper steps and respond appropriately to the matter at hand.

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